How to Stop Getting Email Notifications From Google+ Users

Google has recently updated Gmail and Google+ that shows your Google+ profile in the Gmail compose box to give better options to Gmail users. Now people can directly email you if you are on Google+ and it has made the whole process much easier. This idea is really good to get to know the people or even mail them even if not added in your contact list or in your circle. Now this does not mean that you will be able to see the Google+ user’s email address, but you can email them without any restrictions. Your email address isn’t visible to a Google+ connection unless you send that person an email, and likewise, that person’s email address isn’t visible to you unless they send you an email.

Note: This feature has not rolled out for everyone, but soon it will be available for all Gmail users.

Google Plus and Gmail connection

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If you have received any email that are from your Google+ circle then it will show under the Primary category, but in case mail was from out of circle then it will be listed under the Social tab if you have enabled Tabbed Inbox. Probably you people have even faced issues with the email notification as lots of unwanted emails and updates keep pouring into your inbox. However, fortunately you can disable emails that comes from your circle. Google gives full control to Gmail users to block or allow email notification from our own circles or anyone on Google+.

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You can take control of your Google+ email notifications in Gmail Settings.

Google Plus and Gmail connection-1

Make sure you are in General tab and then change the setting Email via Google+ option. By default it will be set to “Anyone on Google+”, but you can reset it on “Extended circles”, “Circles” or “No one” to stop the email notification from the root. You can reconfigure the same options to get the email updates again in the future. Don’t forget to click on the Save button to save your preferences.

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