How to Show Unread Messages Counter on Gmail Tab

I have been a Gmail user since a long time and as far as I am concerned, it is the best and most secure email service compared to any other email provider. It provides a fast and reliable way to send emails to all your contacts and serves well for business purposes as well (Google Mail App). The Gmail user interface is clean and clutter free and loads even with a slow speed internet connection. There are multiple reasons for Gmail’s continued popularity, good performance being one of them. Most email services show the unread messages in bold black font and once you click on any unread message, it automatically turns into a normal font view. You must have noticed that Gmail shows the total number of unread messages inside the Inbox text which tells you how many unread messages are available in the inbox. To check the number of unread messages in Gmail, you need to visit to the Gmail page time and again which can get boring after a while.

Gmail lab feature offers an experimental feature that allows you to check the number of unread messages in your inbox with a quick glance at the tab’s icon. By enabling this experimental feature, you can get a counter for unread messages on the Gmail tab which means that you don’t need to go to the Gmail page to view the total numbers of unread messages over and over again. To enable this lab feature, just follow the instructions given below:

1. Click on the Gear icon and select Settings from the popup menu.


2. In the Settings panel, click on the Labs option and then move down your browser window to find the experimental feature labeled Unread message icon. Enable it.


3. Now click on the Save changes button and your Gmail tab will reload automatically to apply the new changes. Once your Gmail reloads, check the tab to see whether your new Unread message counter is showing or not. Please remember that as of now, this experimental feature works only for Chrome, Firefox and Opera web browsers and no other.


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