How to Setup Google Inactive Account Manager with Simple Steps

You probably have read my previous article about ‘Google Inactive Account Manager’; the facility assists you to decide how your account and related data will act once you are no more. I am aware the app has great features; lots of Google users now want to setup Google Inactive Account Manager; probably they are not aware about how to it set it up. I will explain you the complete process with step by step approach; I am sure this will be very helpful for you to configure Inactive Account Manager in your Google account.

You can access new Google Inactive Account Manager feature directly from Account setting page. Go to account page; click on Learn more; go to setup link under Account Management;you will be redirected to setup page.


In the Inactive Account Manager setup page you can see Setup button; click on that button to start the process. In the setup there are totally four sections that you need to configure and theses sections are Alert me, Timeout period, Notify contacts and share data, finally the option delete my account.

1. Alert me- you can enter any mobile number or add any email address; Google will send you alert message before any actions to be performed on your account.

2. Timeout period- Google will send you alerts on mobile or via email before one month of time out period set by you. Timeout period can be 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year as well.

3. Notify Contacts & share data- you can enter details of up to 10 trusted friends or family members who will be notified in case your account is inactive. You can also enable sharing of all your Google data with the trusted family members or friends. There is also an option to select which type of data you would like to share with your trusted contacts. You can choose the option select all, through which all the data will shared or you can opt for select any single or multiple service data.


4. Delete Google account- Google can delete your account on your behalf if you don’t want to share anything with your friends.By selecting this option you authorize Google to delete the account without any actions.

Click on Enable button to save your all settings; you are done with setting up of your Inactive Account Manager.


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