How to Set Automatic Login in Windows 8

Windows 8 Login process is same like Windows 7 and you need to click on user accounts to login  on Windows 8. But, there might be some annoying situation for single user computer wherein he needs to click on his account to login on Windows 8. So, I planned to post a tutorial  to deal with this annoying situation. For enabling an automatic login to Windows 8, you need to configure your user account. The procedure is similar to Windows 7 with some minor changes.

1. To configure a user account, you need to configure netplwiz settings. To open netplwiz in Windows 8, you need to log into the user account. You are taken to the Metro UI start screen. Hit Win+R or go to Search from the new Start Menu, select Select Apps and type netplwiz in the search bar. This should open the User Accounts screen on the Desktop.

2. Now, you can see all available users in Windows 8. Now, select user from the list that you want to auto login during Windows 8 startup and remove tick mark from “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer” option.


To enable this feature, you must enter password for the selected user. So enter selected user password and press OK button for apply.


It is complete yet simple process to enable automatic login on Windows 8. It is a good option but raises some serious privacy and security concerns for both the user and the computer for a mulitple access computer. So, I think you should try this tweak only if you have a single user computer or private computer.

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