How to Send Email Reminders to Yourself So You Do Not Forget Important Things?

This is digital era and everything is becoming internet savvy these days. In the olden days, notes were a very popular way to get reminders for important dates or events like birthdays, meetings or anniversaries. But times have changed and you don’t need to note down anything to remind things later. There are lots of smartphone apps and online services available where you can set all the important days once and then you get reminders automatically via emails and SMS. NudgeMail is offering such services at absolutely zero cost. This is the easiest way to send reminders to yourself.


How to Use NudgeMail to Send Yourself Reminders?

NudgeMail works on a completely new concept and you don’t need to headache with control panels or setting anything else. To use this online service, you don’t need to leave your email inbox and you can set reminders directly from your email account. The working process of this reminder service is very simple. I have added a few simple steps to get familiar with NudgeMail reminder service.

1. First of all go to compose area of your email account or you can also forward any existing email.

2. Now enter the email address “nudge[at]” in Send to field. Yes, you have to send email to nudge with the special format of Subject that I have mentioned in the next step.

3. Set the “subject:” to the day, date, or time when you want NudgeMail to reply back to you. For example, “Monday” or “Tomorrow” or “March 13″ or “2 hours” are all acceptable ways to send a NudgeMail.

4. Finally, Enter the anything into body area like any reminders, birthday events and important meetings.

Now you don’t need to remember anything important because you will get the reminders created by you at the specific time that was set by you on the email Subject field. For example, if you had set Subject to March 13, then you will get automatic reminder email from NudgeMail service with the message that you entered in the email body.

Advanced Way:

The above process is very simple and you can use it to create simple reminders but you can do also perform some more advanced settings. You can set reminders for specific day/month, specific time and set recurring reminders by the hour, day, week, month, year, or even days of the week. I can’t explain all the advanced reminder settings but on the service provider webpage, you can view the complete process step by step. As of now, there is no direct control panel available to manage all of your reminders but you can unsubscribe from reminders any time by simply sending an email to unsubscribe[at] To get details about all the supported commands by this service, you can send one blank email to __________[at] and you will receive all the available commands back via email.


NudgeMail is a nice online reminder service and as for now it’s free to use. Please remember that NudgeMail service is still in beta mode and it is possible that you may face some bugs or issues. In my reference, this is the best service to get reminders without dealing much with the settings panel.

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