How to Select What to Sync in SkyDrive

SkyDrive by Microsoft is now six months old and has become quite popular as an online storage service just like Dropbox and Google Drive. After completion of 6 months, Microsoft has rolled out two major updates for its SkyDrive users – the first is selective sync and the second is the option of sharing files or folders directly from Explorer. These two major updates were most awaited and are finally available in SkyDrive’s updated version. Before these updates, SkyDrive used to sync the complete SkyDrive folder with its online counterpart. This was a little disappointing for many users mainly because before the updates were announced by Microsoft, the same features were already available in Dropbox and many other popular online cloud services.

I have noticed that Microsoft is gradually improving their online storage service. Not so long ago, they announced the Trash feature for SkyDrive to restore accidentally deleted files easily. This time again, they have added a very useful feature because now Windows users will have full permission to choose the folder which they want to sync online and which not. If you have installed SkyDrive on your computer then you must have noticed that SkyDrive is updated automatically and notifies you about any new feature. If you have missed this notification about the new updates by any chance and don’t know how to use these new features then just read on for a step by step guide.

SkyDrive automatically appears in the Taskbar after installation and you can access its settings from the same location. Just right-click on the SkyDrive Taskbar icon and click on Settings.


Now, in the Settings window, click on the Choose folders button under the Choose folders tab.


Clicking on Choose folders button in the last step will open a new window from where can choose the custom folders or files that you want sync online with SkyDrive.


The above option is available within the SkyDrive folder only and does not support any file or folders from outside SkyDrive. Another new update that you will notice is that Share options are now available within the SkyDrive Context Menu. To share any folder with your friends or public, simply right-click on the folder within SkyDrive, move your cursor on SkyDrive and then click on the Share option. It will redirect you to SkyDrive’s online version wherein you will find all the sharing options.


Both the updates are really useful and give us more freedom to choose what to sync and what not to sync on the computer. The sharing feature update is not as impressive because it is still working only with the online version and there is no option available yet to share stuff directly in Windows Explorer. The same sharing options are already available in the SkyDrive web version and Microsoft has just linked it in Windows Explorer.

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