How to Search Apps on Windows 8 Store

Earlier, I have written about the disable Windows 8 Store app option for users and today I am writing one more post to learn how to search any App on Windows 8 Store. I know that many of my blog visitors still have little or no idea about Windows 8 Metro Apps. Windows 8 Metro is a completely new concept from Microsoft and they launched it for the first time on Windows 8. Windows 8 Metro Apps is a combination of HTML5 and Java scripting to create useful and small applications which can run directly from the Windows 8 Metro Wall. Microsoft has just released information about three different Windows 8 versions to be released and all of them will support Metro Apps. So it becomes very important that you know about Windows 8 Apps and its store. You can read my post from the link listed below to read more about the various Windows 8 versions and their differences.

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In the Windows 8 Store, you can find a large number of Metro Apps that can be installed on Windows 8. To search for any app in Windows 8 Store, just press the Windows Key + Q and search for Store. In the search results, you will see a Store option; click on it to start searching Windows 8 Store apps.


In the Windows 8 Store, you can search and install loads of applications. You can search applications by categories, trial or full and old or new. Windows 8 Store Categories are Games, Social, Entertainment, Photos, Music & videos, Sports, Books and reference, News & weather, Health and fitness, Food and dining, Lifestyle, Shopping, Travel, Finance, Productivity, Tools, Security, Business, Education and Government. Applications in these categories can be free or paid and trial as well.


It is well known that Windows 8 Consumer Preview does not have a Start Menu and but we can’t say the same for the final version of Windows 8. Many Windows 8 users don’t like to use Windows 8 Metro Start and are looking for a solution to get the Start button back. You can read my previous posts to get the Start Button back on Windows 8.

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