How to Restore Back Deleted Files in Google Drive

Did you know that Google Drive has the option to recover deleted files? I know that lots of people still have no idea that Google Drive comes with a Trash option. Recovering files from trash is not a novel concept. In fact, we use this feature in Windows daily to recover files that were deleted by mistake. A similar option is available in Google Drive as well. I have posted many articles about Google Drive and online cloud storage services. Before reading about restoring deleted files back in Google Drive, please have a look at some of my previous articles.

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1. Before learning about Google Docs file recovery, you need to delete any file from Google Drive. To delete any file in Google Drive just select the file and right-click on it. From the right-click menu select the Move to trash option. In my case, I deleted an Untitled form file from my Google Drive and now I want to get it back.


2. In the above step, you learned how to delete a file from Google Drive. If you already know how to do it then follow this step to recover the deleted file back. It is very easy to get deleted files back in Google Drive because Google Drive automatically moves all the deleted files to the Trash folder and you can recover your files from the Trash folder. You can access this folder from the left sidebar panel of Google drive. Sometimes Google hides this option; click on More Options to see the Trash folder.


You can restore any file from the right-click menu. The above recovery process is similar to Windows Recycle Bin so I think my readers will not be puzzled on any stage. They can also delete files permanently if they want. To delete any file permanently from Google Drive, go to Trash and right-click on the file that you want to remove permanently from your Google Drive and select the Delete forever option.

Why would I delete files permanently from Google Drive ?

A good question is why you should delete files permanently from Google Drive. As I told you earlier, the Trash folder in Google Drive works like Recycle Bin in Windows so it occupies space in your Google Drive. As you will know, Google Drive offers only 5GB free space to its users so it becomes very important that you delete all the unnecessary files from Google Drive Trash and free some space to use for other work. Another reason is security. It is possible that someone might hack your Google Drive and your Google Drive Trash folder contains files with very high sensitive information. To keep your information secure it is also important that you clean your Google Drive always.

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