How To Recover Deleted File From Your PC

It’s happened to most of us that we deleted a file and then realize we need it back. And when you have deleted it permanently, you feel frustrated as you don’t know how to recover/get it back. Whether you have deleted the important files accidentally or you wish to recover some of the old deleted files, here is the guide which will explain you how to recover deleted file from your PC.


Before you start using some software to recover your lost data, check if it is really deleted or just got misplaced.

Is it Really Deleted?

Now, if you are not sure that whether you have deleted the file permanently from your system or not, just look around first. Open Recycle Bin and see whether that file is in it or not? You can sort it by Date Deleted to see the recently deleted files. And if you find what you are looking for, you can easily restore or recover deleted files with a single click.


However, programs like CCleaner automatically empty your Recycle bin if they are running on the background.

If you are using Cloud services application like Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive to sync your local data on cloud storage, then you can log into your accounts and navigate to trash section to recover deleted file.

Recover deleted file from dropbox

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Now, if you are not sure whether you deleted a file or not, just perform a search. If the file was moved accidentally to some other folder, you can easily find the file by performing the search.

recover misplaced file from searching

Recover Deleted Files From Backup

Now if you have enabled backup option in Windows, you got the luck! You can simply recover deleted file from there. But if you are a Windows 8  user and you have enabled File History, you can simply visit any folder and click on the History button to browse the copies of the files that was stored in that particular folder.

recovering files from windows 8 backup


Recovering The Data Using Third-Party Tools

If you are unable to recover the deleted file from the backup of your own system, you can use third-party tools like Recuva, which is a file-recovery tool (made by the developer of CCleaner). It is easy to use tool which helps in recovering the deleted data. However, it is somewhat riskier too.

As the Hard drives we use does not delete the data immediately when you delete them. Instead the pointers that points the data is removed. After which the data can be overwritten. So, it is possible that when you install Recuva, its program files may overwrite the data which you want to recover. Also, the other programs running in the background can overwrite the data. Other utilities tools like Tune Up Utilities can also be used for the same purpose.



Note: – SSD are much different that HDD. When any delete function is performed in SSD (Solid State Drives), that particular file is immediately deleted with the TRIM command to free up the space for maintaining the faster performance.

Opt For Professional Data Recovery

If your data is more than important to you, and if you failed to recover it by your own, its better to opt for professional data recovery. It is suggested to power off the system as early as you can in order to secure your accidental deleted data, as if you keep your PC running, it might get overwritten by some other programs.

professional data recovery


Professional Data Recovery services deals with the recovery service of the hard drives with extremely important data. This type of service are too pricy and must be opted if the data is extremely important.

The safest way to recover deleted file from your PC is to remove the hard drives from your current system and plug it into the another system as the secondary drive, from where you can apply third-party recovery tools to recover the file/data’s.

With all that being said, the best way to ensure that all your data will be safe is to have backup enabled. You can also enable File History or Windows backup. Also using the different cloud storage service and enabling the syncing option will help you to secure your private or extremely important data and you no longer have to ask any one – ” How to recover deleted file”?

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With the increase in the use of SSD now-a-days, making proper and regular backup is more important.

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