How to Play Tetris in uTorrent

You ever had to wait for a download to finish? Or you just got bored and have nothing to do except watching the downloading progress bar. Well, you can play game of Tetris to relax yourself down and that too using your own uTorrent.

Yes, you heard it right! You can use uTorrent to play game of Tetris. How? Well, below are the steps on how to achieve that.


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How to Play Tetris in uTorrent?

There ain’t any tweak to achieve this. Simply launch the uTorrent and click on Help menu -> About uTorrent option.


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The above step will bring up the About page/box. Now all you need to do is, press “T” to launch the game Tetris.


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The game will start right away. You can use the left and right arrow keys to move the blocks, up arrow keys to change/rotate the shape and down arrow key to increase the speed.


You were using uTorrent just to download your favorite things. Now use it to play games. Isn’t that cool! :)

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