How To Place Facebook Chat Box on Left Side of Your Browser

With the passing of time, Facebook has made huge changes in its user interface. One of the most talked change that everyone asked to rewind is the chatbox. However, here is the trick by which you can see who’s online or not every time and in any tab in Firefox. Yes, your chatbox of Facebook will be sticked to the left side of your browser, irrespective of how much tab is opened.

How To Do It?

Fire up the Firefox and press Alt –> Bookmarks –> Show all Bookmarks

bookmark toolbar

navigate to Unsorted Bookmarks and click on Organize –> New Bookmark

bookmark toolbar addition

When another window will pop up, fill the first box with – “facebookchat” and second with – “”, and check Load this Bookmark –> Add button.

new bookmark

Now again press alt key –> view –> side bar –> bookmarks –> select the Facebook Chat.

Voila!!! Now your chat box will be pinned to the left side of the browser. Your every tab (other than Facebook) will have the same chat box on the left side, which will not only makes you aware of your conversation with your fellas, but will eventually be time saving.


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