How to Pin Control Panel to Taskbar in Windows 8

Back in the days of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, accessing the Control Panel was so easy. All you had to do was to click on the Start Button and choose Control Panel from the Start Menu. But with the removal of Start Menu in Windows 8 the only ways to access Control Panel is either via Charms Search Bar or the Desktop icon. A simpler way to access the Control Panel is to pin it to the Taskbar in Windows 8. However, you can’t place the Control Panel using drag-&-drop because Windows 8 does not have this feature for Control Panel.

Fortunately, we have some standard processes to easily pin the Control Panel icon to Taskbar in Windows 8. There are two methods for the same.

Pinning Control Panel to Taskbar in Windows 8

Method 1:

Right-click on your Desktop and select the Personalize option. Once the Personalize window opens up, right-click on its Taskbar icon (Personalize window icon) and select Pin this program to Taskbar. Actually, the Personalize settings come under the Control Panel, so when you pin the Personalize icon to the Taskbar, it means you are pinning the Control Panel to Taskbar in Windows 8.


Method 2:

The above method is a single step method to pin the Control Panel icon to the Taskbar in Windows 8, but there is another method, which is much simpler and can be accomplished in a few clicks. Go to the Charms Search (Win+Q) and select Apps to search. Now enter the keyword “control panel”. You will see that the Control Panel option has appeared in the results so right-click on it and select the Pin to taskbar option.


Finally come back on the desktop and check whether your Control Panel icon is pinned to the taskbar. To quickly access Control Panel settings, right-click on Control Panel icon and click on the setting that you want to access.



Pinning Control panel to Taskbar in Windows 8 is the easiest way to manage the desired settings option rather than navigating to Control Panel by clicking here and there!

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