How to Override YouTube Ads in Chrome and Firefox

Whenever we want to search anything on the internet, Google search engine is the first thing that comes to our minds. Google’s main source of income is through advertisements (better known as AdSense) that appear on almost all websites including Google’s own video streaming website, YouTube. In fact, YouTube is one of the major contributors towards Google’s net income. You must have noticed that most of the popular YouTube videos start with a small advertisement video and YouTube loads the original video only after the ads finish playing which many users might find annoying. YouTube does not have any option to disable these ads although some videos have a Skip option. The skip option is also not a real solution for these ads given that you have to watch the ad for a few seconds before you can skip it. So we can disable these ads permanently from YouTube by installing third party extensions in Chrome as well as Firefox.

1. AdBlock

Most internet users are aware of AdBlock which blocks out all advertisements from the websites you visit and speeds up the page loading time automatically. Over 10 million people use the AdBlock extension to block all ads on the web, including popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Hulu. This extension works perfectly for YouTube and automatically skips the YouTube ads so that the original video that you want to see starts loading quickly. It also shows you the total number of ads you’ve blocked with the AdBlock extension. Aside from blocking the YouTube video ads, this extension also blocks other ads on the YouTube webpage as well.


AdBlock for Chrome comes with a Filter options page wherein you can configure AdBlock’s behavior for ads appearing on web pages. For example, if you want to see the Google result ads but want to block all others then you can use the option, “I like the text ads on Google search results; show me those”. You can also check filter lists or block any other any ads network by entering the URL in AdBlock.


You can install AdBlock in Chrome from here.

2. AdBlock Plus

The basic difference between AdBlock Plus and AdBlock is that AdBlock Plus supports the Firefox browser and AdBlock supports Chrome. AdBlock Plus is a slightly more advanced version of AdBlock. This is because advanced features do not work in Chrome due to its limitations but in Firefox, you can get the full advantage of AdBlock Plus. AdBlock developers are working on this extension so that it can support some more browsers. It comes with more than 40 filters and many languages to block most of the advertising networks and domains that are spreading malware. Thus, AdBlock Plus helps you to increase webpage speed and protect your computer from known malware domains.

As of now, AdBlock is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android (Mobile OS) and K-Meleon browsers.

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