How to Increase Android Tablet Storage Space [Cool Tips]

I am writing this post for those people who have Android based tablets. Nowadays, tablets are getting popular because it gives us the portability of computing and we can perform many computer tasks anytime anywhere. It is true that tablets have some limitations and they can’t replace a laptop but there are lots of features available on a tablet that makes it important and useable in this digital age. Along with the popularity of tablets, media file size is also gradually increasing as videos songs come in HD files these days and it becomes very important that we have ample space available on the tablet to store them. The storage capacity of most tablets ranges between 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Everyone would like to buy a tablet with 64GB space but there is big difference in the prices of these storage capacities, so a tablet with 64GB storage capacity will be more expensive than a 16GB tablet.

I know that there are many users who have an Android tablet with 16GB storage capacity and want to increase their tablet’s storage space to store more data. Personally, I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab with 16GB storage capacity but I have never faced any storage related problems as I use some cool tips. Today, I am going to cover some of these tips that you can use to increase the storage capacity of your Android tablet.

Use Online Storage Services

It is the most popular and effective way to increase your tablet’s storage capacity because you can store your files online. There are many popular online cloud storage services that offer free space for regular use. Along with online uploading, most online cloud storage services offer an Android application which lets you download and upload files directly from your tablet so that you can access them anytime. So, you can use online storage to save space on your tablet and saving means increasing storage capacity. In this blog, I have shared many cloud storage services with their Android app. You can read the posts listed below to get full reviews of available cloud storage services and their Android apps. For using these online storage services, you need to have a high speed internet connection with unlimited data plan. In slow speed, you can upload only small size files not the big files. It may be drawback of this option but it is a really good option if you have high speed internet connection.

Get 5GB Free Space on Comodo Cloud Online Storage

SugarSync: Get 5GB Free Online Space with Password Protection Feature

Some other popular online storage services are:, Comodo Cloud, Dropbox, Daum Cloud, Memopal and LeapDrive.

Use Kingston Wi-Drive


In the above method, you need a high speed internet connection and it will not be possible for all Android tablet users. So I have another way to increase the storage capacity of your existing tablet and that is Kingston Wi-Drive. It is the latest product from Kingston which is already the most popular thumb drive maker all over the world. Kingston Wi-Drive is available for Apple and Android products. Wi-Drive is a portable USB Flash storage device that allows you to wirelessly stream digital media content (such as music, photos, videos, etc.) to your Android based tablet or smartphone. It works with their own wireless network and is powered by a Lithium-polymer battery. You can transfer or access data from the tablet within a range of 30 Feet (Approx. 10 Meter). Its power backup can work up to 4 hours continuously. This Kingston Wi-Drive is available in two storage capacities – 16GB and 32GB respectively. It is a perfect solution to expand the existing storage capacity of your tablet. This device also has a USB port to connect and use it without wireless like on any desktop. You can read more about it here.

Seagate GoFlex Satellite


It is another way to increase the storage capacity of your Android tablet. The GoFlex Satellite device goes wherever your iPad or Android tablet goes and lets you wirelessly access all your movies, photos, music and documents. No more worrying about running out of space on your mobile device. Its works similar to Kingston Wi-Device but has a larger storage capacity than Wi-Device. You can use it on your Tablet and computer as well. I chose GoFlex because it comes with built-in battery backup of up to 7 hours and a single USB connection specially designed for tablets. Turn on its power and insert it in the USB port of your Android tablet and use it as an external storage unit or you can connect it wirelessly with built-in wireless network. It is not much of a portable option as you can’t carry its power source all the time but in a fixed place, it can be very useful. You can store more than 300 HD movies and view them on your tablet. At present it is available with 500GB storage capacity. You can connect it with Wi-Fi tablet up to 150 feet. You can read more about it here.

All these tips will help you to extend the storage capacity of your tablet. You can also use these tips to extend the storage capacity of your desktop as well. If you have any other tips, please share them in the comments area.

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