How to Hide Gmail Ads and Sponsored Links

In this 21st century, the digital marketing industry is on its peak. Almost every online source is filled up with Ads or Sponsored links. Every day Millions of Dollars are spent and made by this ads or sponsored links. But when we look from the user’s point of view, if those ads or links are not decently placed on the web page, it becomes more frustrating to the end users.

The most popular and giant online advertiser is no other than Google that uses its AdWords program to show ads on numerous web pages including its own premium services or networks like YouTube and Gmail. Without any doubt Gmail is the most popular email service provider over internet and millions of users around the globe are using it daily. And due to this very reason, planning and playing strategically, Google also shows ads and sponsored links into Gmail accounts. However, Google makes sure that the ads or sponsored links are properly blended into the web page and would be un-obstructive to its users. But there are lots of users who don’t want to see any extra item in the Gmail account likeadvertisements and sponsored links and demands absolutely clean page without ads.


In direct way Gmail does not have any settings or option that offers you to get rid from ads. But there is lots of other way available that blocks ads with one click. Here is one of them and the best of them. Webmail Ad Blocker is a nice tool which is available for Chrome and Firefox browser that block ads and provides you with the clean interface with absolutely no ads.


Webmail Ad Blocker contains lots of features which makes it a true ad blocker. In the Webmail Ad Blocker setting panel, you can configure settings for Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo account as well. For Gmail accounts it offers full customization feature like you can disable Spam count, you can block every ads, you can Invite a friend from Gmail, etc.

As you can see the screenshot below, the Gmail ads are completely removed and showing the blank space. And that means now you Gmail will load faster and there will be no unwanted ads or sponsored links.


Download Webmail Ad Blocker for Chrome or for Firefox and get rid from those frustrating popping ads.

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