How to Get Mac OS X Expose Feature in Windows 7 and Windows 8

Almost every Mac user is familiar with the Mac OS expose feature, it is similar like Windows 7 and Windows 8 Aero Peek. In Aero Peek you can hide all your open windows and see the desktop when you move the cursor at bottom right corner. Similar like Aero Peek Mac OS expose have same behavior. Win7se is an expose like utility for Windows 7 that shows the Alt-Tab Switcher using screen hotspots. So if you like Windows customization and want to bring Mac OS expose features on your Windows 7 and 8 then it can be good to get. Using this application you can set your desktop corners for different function like I can set my desktop top right corner for show desktop function, after that when I move the cursor on top right corner it will instantly hide all the open windows and you can see your desktop. So same like this example you can set your desktop corners for specific work. Settings can be manage from the application system tray icon.






Once you select settings option from the system tray application icon, you can set all your desktop corners for different function. For example, we can set our desktop top left corner to “Put display to sleep”. After settings configuration, when you move your mouse at top left corner display will go to sleep. Same like this example you can set all other corners for other work.


– Run at Windows logon
– Shows the AltTab Switcher by moving the mouse cursor to any of the following
hot spots Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left and/or Bottom Right user choice
– Switch between the last applications
– Shows desktop icons on top of any app
– Shows windows’ gadgets on top of any app
– Starts screen saver
– Disables screen saver
– Turn off monitor
– Allows you to enable/disable aero peek

Win7Se works on Windows 7 and Windows 8.


[Download Win7Se]

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