How to Erase and Pause YouTube Search and View History

Lots of people all over the world use YouTube because it is the best and largest video portal on the internet. Like other activities, Google records your YouTube activities also like your search history and videos that you viewed the last time you were on YouTube. It can get frustrating for many users because if you do not log out from your YouTube account then anybody can view your previous activities on YouTube. If you wish for more privacy and want to erase and disable all of your search history on YouTube, you can do so by following the steps given below.

1. First of all, log in with your existing YouTube account. After that click on your account name at the upper right side of YouTube and choose the Video Manager option from the pop-up menu.


2. After clicking on Video Manger, YouTube will move you on a new page where you can access all the video related settings. Now navigate to History and Search History button. The History option stores all of your viewing history on YouTube and Search History like its name suggests records all the keywords that you searched on the YouTube search box. For history, erase and pause process are similar. Like for example, if you want to erase and pause search history click on the Search history button and choose “Clear all search history” to erase all the search history or “Pause search history” to stop tracking your search history on YouTube. You can also erase selected search items using the Remove button.


3. If you want to erase all viewed history, click on the History button and you will see similar options there too. The first is “Clear all viewing history” and the other is “Pause viewing history” option.


4. If you are planning to remove only selected search items then move down the YouTube window and click on the Load more searches button to access all of your old searches as well.


That’s all. Now you can stop stressing because you have successfully erased all history on your YouTube account. However, I suggest that you think twice before doing this as sometimes if you forget the name of any important video that you had viewed earlier only the history feature in YouTube can help you find it again.

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