How to Enable Old Type Menu Bar in Firefox 4

FireFox 4.0 logo

Firefox developers have released the 4th version of Firefox with lots of new tweaks and features. Firefox start button is one such new feature. The new start button is a replacement for the Menu bar. Its main purpose is to provide more space to users for better experience of browsing with Firefox. It is true that the start button is a great features in Firefox 4 but some people might miss the old type menu bar. But don’t worry about this because new Firefox 4 has an option to enable and disable the menu bar. You can easily get your old type menu bar back in Firefox 4.

Just click on the Firefox Start button then move your mouse on Options and select Menu Bar.


After enabling the menu bar your Firefox 4 will look like this:


You can also get the new Firefox 4 button back easily. Just click on View then Toolbar and deselect Menu Bar i.e. remove the check mark in front of Menu Bar.


Download, Installation and Getting Started with Firefox 4

Download Firefox 4

If you haven’t tried the newer Firefox 4 yet, we suggest you download Firefox 4 final version.

Prerequisites for Installing Firefox 4

It’s always a good idea to first check your system requirements and the prerequisites of a software program before installing it on your operating system. This system requirements page at Mozilla details all the software and hardware requirements for Firefox 4 to run on Windows, Mac or Linux.

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