How to Enable Data Compression in Android Chrome Version and Save Bandwidth

The latest news from Google Chrome for Android is that it will reduce your bandwidth usage thus decreasing your phone bill while maximizing your happiness. Yes, this is true that Google has introduced Android Chrome Beta version with data compression proxy feature that reduces your mobile browsing bandwidth and speeds up your browsing experience. The new data compression technique works on Google’s hosted proxy servers that works between your mobile browser and the website hosting to compress the data before it is delivered to your browser. The whole compression process reduces your bandwidth up to 60% which means that you can save additional bandwidth and money as well if you are not using an unlimited internet connection. You can have a look at the image below; you can see how the bandwidth usage and Google’s new proxy compression technique save 62% of your internet bandwidth.


How to Turn On Data Compression in Chrome Beta for Android?

You need to have some technical information before you get started with turning on data compression in Chrome for Android. You need to open the experimental area inside the browser. Firstly, make sure you have installed Android Chrome Beta. This is very important as there are two Chrome versions available on Google Play. The first is the stable version whereas another version is the beta version. To test the data compression feature in Android Chrome Beta version, you need to enable it firstly. Here are a few simple steps involved in turning data compression on in Chrome Beta for Android:

1. Start the browser and enter chrome://flags in the address bar.

2. Now tap Enable option for Enable Data Compression Proxy and finally click on Relaunch Now button.


Check How Much Bandwidth you have Saved Using Data Compression Proxy:

Once you Enable Data Compression proxy, start browsing and open some heavy websites to get an idea about how much bandwidth you can save using Data Compression Proxy feature. To check the saved bandwidth, type chrome://net-internals in the address bar and then tap Bandwidth option.


You can read more about this new Google Data Compression Proxy feature here.

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