How to Enable Classic Alt+Tab Dialog Box in Windows 8 with Alt Tab Tuner VIII

The latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8 has impressed one and all but, like me, there are a lot of people out there who are still hardcore fans of Windows XP and Windows 7. With the new configuration of computers, it is impossible to run Windows XP anymore but many Windows users would like to add some of the old classic features in Windows 8. I have already published numerous articles on customization tools and applications to enable or disable features in Windows 8 and today I am going to review a freeware tool called Alt Tab Tuner VIII that can enable the classic style Alt+Tab dialog box in Windows 8.


Most Windows 8 users will remember that the Alt+Tab dialog box can be used to move from one open window to another which is quite useful especially when the mouse is not connected to the system. As with all keyboard shortcuts, it also speeds up working on a computer as you don’t need to fumble with the mouse for such simple tasks. Alt Tab Tuner VIII works flawlessly in Windows 8 and can be used for two different purposes. First, you can customize the existing Windows 8 Alt+Tab dialog box according to your choice like changing the thumbnail size, height, space, etc. Second, you just enable the classic Alt+Tab dialog box in Windows 8. To use this application, you just need to download and extract the compressed ZIP file. You can use it directly as it is a portable application. Once you start this tool, move the sliders according to customization that you want to do in the existing Alt+Tab dialog  of Windows 8. You can customize four different settings: Thumbnails, Margins, Icons and Text. Click on the Apply button to apply your changes. This will restart the Windows Explorer process after which you can press Alt+Tab to check whether your customization works or not. The Restore Defaults option is useful to get the default settings of Windows 8 Alt+Tab dialog back on.


Apart from customization, you can also use this tool to enable the classic Alt+Tab dialog that was part of Windows XP. To enable the Classic Alt+Tab Dialog, check the box labeled “Enable Classic Alt+Tab Dialog”.


Alt Tab Tuner VIII does not change any system files to apply these classic and customized Alt+Tab dialogs but works with a hidden setting of Windows 8. It is an easy and harmless way to alter the appearance of your Windows 8 Alt+Tab dialog box.

Alt Tab Tuner VIII is compatible with Windows 8 x86 and Windows 8 x64. Being a portable software, it does not require to be installed.

[Download Alt Tab Tuner for Windows 8]

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