How To Enable Aero-Style Transparency in Windows 8

Many of us loved the Aero-Style glass transparency of Windows 7. But the latest Operating system from Windows, the Windows 8 does not provides this feature. However, you can use some tricks to get that Aero Glass Transparency back in Windows 8.

Microsoft has removed many codes to disable Aero Glass in Windows 8, but using this tricks, you can get the same experience of Windows 7.

Aero Glass Transparency in Windows 8

How To Do?

To activate the transparent glass effect, right click on desktop and select Personalize.

Personalize settings

Click on High Contrast White Theme and enable it.

High Contrast White theme

Now click on the color option at the bottom of the window.

Color option

Now leave this window open, and go back to desktop. Right click again to open another Personalization windows. Now select Windows Default Theme.

Windows Default Theme

Now go back to another opened window of Color and Appearance window, and click on Save Changes.

Save changes

Bingo !!! Now you’ll have Transparent windows borders. Although this is not exactly the same, but this trick will give you the Aero look option which is very close to the original Aero Glass Look.

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