How to Delete Photos and Images from Google Plus Account [Tutorial]

This is 2013 and after a long break, I am writing about Google Plus again as now Google Plus has undergone a complete makeover with some major changes all over including its settings section. So I thought that I’d better update you with the latest changes in Google Plus. When I logged into my Plus account after a long time I noticed that everything has been totally changed and Google Plus now boasts of a new style and appearance. I am going to restart this series of Google Plus articles to give the latest updates to my blog visitors. One of my most popular articles on Google Plus is “How to delete photos from Google Plus account” which I had published last year when Google Plus was launched.

Today, I am going to update this article for the latest Google Plus updated version to easily delete photos from your Google Plus account. Deleting photos from Google Plus account is still very easy just as it was in its old version. As you know that Google made many changes in the Google Plus and they hides the left side menu panel by default. Google Plus users now can access all the available menu by clicking on Home button which is available at the top.

Once you clicked on Home button, you can see all the available menu or options along with Photos. Click on Photos menu option and wait for the result.


By default in the Photos menu, you can see all the images, pictures and photos that is uploaded by you but you can use the search option to find out any specific photo or image. At the top menu, you can choose different options like Highlights, Photos, Albums, Photos of You and many more others. If you want to check all the uploaded photos click on Photos menu option and Google Plus will load the all images within in few seconds. To get detailed view, you can click on image below.


The photos deleting process is very simple and you can easily remove the photos from your Google Plus account that you don’t want to see again. To delete the photo from Google Plus account, click on photo and then click on small Trash icon which is available at the top of photo preview window. You will get one small notification and photo will move to Trash.


Here, I want to share one thing that Photos will remove from your Google Plus account but all the deleted photos automatically moves on Trash. Trash is another useful feature of Google Plus to restore the incidentally deleted photos from Google Plus. But once delete the photo from trash then it will not recover back and you have to upload them again manually from system. I will publish one another full tutorial to understand the Google Plus Trash and its uses.

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