How to Delete or Remove Google Plus Account [Tutorial]

Google Plus has made numerous changes within a short span of time and according to the latest news it has more than 90 Million registered users. It is a fantastic achievement for a new release service because the last time the similar service providing Facebook had taken four years to get same numbers of subscribers registered but Google Plus has got it in a few months. We can hope that it will increase further in days to come and most internet users will be joining the Google Plus phenomenon. But it is always possible that there will be many who just want to get rid of Google Plus even after joining for whatever reasons. You will happy to know that Google always take care of their users and provide all types of features including an exit feature. Google Plus allows you the option to remove your Google Plus profile safely without any hassle. To guide you step by step about how you can delete Google Plus account within a few minutes I have just created a demo account on Google Plus. Now you will see how I remove all my account information and account details from Google Plus. Before proceeding to the steps to delete the account make sure you have read everything carefully because a wrong step can make you lose all other Google services like Google Reader, Gmail, Orkut and other Google related products.

To start Account deleting process from Google Plus first of all login with your username and password and click on the small wrench icon available on the top right corner of Google Plus. It will give you options to configure settings of Google+, click on this to proceed to next step.


Now you have completed the settings of Google Plus account. On the left side of Google + you can see all the options available with Google Plus account. Choose Account overview option to check all your Google account related information and settings. Once you click on Account overview, you can see Service at then end of Account overview page. Here you will find two more options 1) Delete profile and Google+ features and 2) Delete entire Google account. Here we are talking about How to remove Google Plus account so click on 1st option to remove your Google + profile from Google account or you can choose remove entire Google account to delete all services from Google Plus related to your account.


Once you click on Delete profile and Google+ features you will get two more options to choose 1) Delete Google+ content and 2) Delete your entire Google profile. Here you need to be careful because wrong selection can delete all your Google account data and information. Some users have selected the wrong option by mistake and lost their entire Google account and related services. Here you need to remove Google Plus profile so choose only the first option and not the second. As shown in pic below you can see I chose the first option Delete Google+ content. You can click on image to get a larger view and understand it in a better way. After selecting the first option tick mark on Required: I understand that deleting this service can’t be undone and the data I delete can’t be restored. Here you need to understand and make sure that you really want to remove your Google Plus profile because once you have deleted your Google Plus profile you will never be able to restore it back.


Finally click on Removed selected services button and Google will give you confirmation message as shown in below image.


Always be careful when you are going to delete something because all the Google services and features are related to each other. Always read the complete description and implication of the action before pressing any button because a wrong press will cause you irreversible loss of data and personal information. Deleting a profile on Google Plus is not a complicated issue but you need to follow some steps and only then you can safely remove your Google Plus profile from Google. Hope all these steps will help you to remove unwanted Google Plus profile.

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