How to Convert Normal Photos in Standard Passport Size Photos

Passport photo size is the standard photos size that is used in most of the application forms. There is a possibility that for each country there is a different passport photo size standard. For example, in Brazil, it is 7×5 cm but it is 3.5×3.5 cm in India. Usually, we use professional service to create passport size photos but they can be really expensive, especially when you need them urgently. Nowadays, a color printer is a common device and most computer users have one. You can use a color printer to create your own passport size at home at a very economical price. Now, the next problem is how to convert any photo in a passport size photo at home because non-standard size may be not acceptable. If you have good Photoshop knowledge, you can do this at home using the Photoshop image resizing option. But non-technical users might find it difficult to convert a photo to standard passport size. In this post, I am going to tell you about an online freeware tool to convert any photo into passport size photo.

First of all, free online service is easier to use and an instant way to convert any photo into passport size because you don’t need to install any software on your system. Online is the best online service which lets you convert any photo into a standard passport size photo online even if you don’t have any technical knowledge. It is a wizard based online service that can create passport photos in minutes. You only need to follow three simple steps.

To use this free/paid service, open and choose the country for which you want your passport size photo. After selecting the country and photos size, click on GET MY PASSPORT PHOTO button then proceed to the next step.


Now the online wizard will ask you to upload your photo with guidelines as to how you can take your photo at home using a camera to convert to passport size using this tool. I tested a normal photo of my face that I had taken and it worked fine here. If you already have a photo, click on the Choose file button and upload it. Once you select the photo, click on the Next button.


Now, you will proceed to the next step where you need to select the area of your passport photo. As shown in image below, you need to set your face and the upper portion of your body between the green lines. Once you choose the final area, click on the Next button.


Once you click on the Next button, ePassportPhoto will offer you some paid services and if you don’t want these paid services, click on No thanks option. In this step, you have an option to change your country again to get the most compatible passport size for you.


Once again, ePassportPhoto will ask you if you want to use pro service or if you wish to share your latest passport photo on Facebook. At the bottom of your passport photo sheet, you will see a Skip button. Press it to start downloading your passport photo sheet on the computer. Finally, you will get your own homemade passport size photo. Now all you need to do is take a print out of this photo sheet using any color printer and you can save a lot of money.


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