How to Clean Up Android Memory and Speed Up Smartphone

I would like to take an analogy for cleaning up memory. Imagine the chest box of a child; it is filled with lot of toys; toys of various shape and sizes. The contents in the box are precious to the child till the time it gets attracted to a new toy. What does the child do? It mercilessly throws the old toy and plays with new toy.

Cleaning up the Android memory is also in similar terms. When you buy a smart phone, the Android OS comes with many preloaded applications. Those preloaded applications form an integral part of the memory. The rest of the memory is available for us to play around. It is usually termed that over a period of time the memory slows down. I sincerely doubt it, let us buy a smart phone; let us use it without any downloads and without any additional external features. I am certain the smart phone will continue functioning as if it is new.


We cannot use smartphone as it is; you may ask then why should one buy a smart phone. Good question, let me list a few points which will help in cleaning up Android memory and help in bringing smartphone to its original glory.

Update your firmware- you are aware what is a firmware; in simple words firmware is software that is installed on a small memory chip installed on hardware. Firmware allows hardware to be updated. Firmware fix lags bugs which may creep in during usage. Update your firmware regularly.

Majority of smartphones use two different storage spaces. One is internal memory where apps are stored and the other SD card where music, photos are stored. Clean up your SD card of unwanted music and photos or transfer old music and photos to other devices. This cleans up substantial amount of memory. Till you browse through your collections regularly you will never know how much of junk is stored in your smart phone.

You can transfer the data to other devices and reset the smart phone. This will release your clogged memory.

Android phones are known to suck battery life fast, go to settings bring down the brightness, put off the Wi Fi and Bluetooth unless you need it for specific purposes.

Make use of the following and feel the difference:

  • An auto task killer
  • Powerful antivirus
  • An automatic cache killer
  • Use Apps to SD card software
  • Uninstall unused apps in your phone

The above points are few; each point can be detailed further. However that is not in the scope of this discussion.

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