How to Change/Delete Google Plus Profile Picture

Earlier we had discussed about the process to delete photos and albums from Google Plus as well as the process to remove Google Plus account from Google. Today I am again going to explain some steps to change or delete Google Plus profile picture. Google Plus is very easy to understand and even novice computer users can use these features but sometimes small things make us frustrated. The main reason of frustration is that we have no idea about certain basic settings and features of Google Plus, we are just using it to create new posts and check latest updates from circle friends. To change or delete Google Plus profile picture you must have idea about all the basic settings of Google Plus. To make it easy I have explained some steps to easily change your Google Plus profile picture. As had done earlier I have made a dummy account on Google Plus and now I am going to login with my dummy profile to show how we can change or remove profiles from Google Plus account.

Please make sure that you are following Google Plus policies while applying a new image on your Google Plus profile. Always try to put your own photo or any copyright free image to avoid unnecessary problems later. As you can see in below pic I have set a picture of a cat on my Google Plus profile and am now going to change it into my website logo.


To change or delete Google Plus profile picture first login with your Google Plus account and make sure the Edit Profile button available on the right side of your browser. To change your current profile picture click on Edit Profile button, Google Plus will ask you to click the part of your profile you want to edit. Along with this message you can see a new option now available at the bottom of the profile picture Change photo. Here now you can delete your current profile photo. You can upload any dummy photo here or change it with new one. I am going to change it with my blog logo.


Once you click on Change photo option Google Plus will open photo selection window. Select there a new photo or upload a new one.


Once you upload your new photo click on Set as profile photo button. You have done most of the settings, now Google Plus will ask you to post about your new photo. In the Post about your new photo you can write something and share with your circle friends. Finally you can see you new uploaded photo at you profile, to save the new profile photo click on Done editing button as shown in the image below.



With this final step you now have a new photo as profile picture. There is no special option to delete any profile photo you can just change it with any other dummy photo as well. I suggest you upload your own photo and set it as profile photo so that you friends who have still not added you in their circles easily recognize you in Google Plus search and add you.

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