How to Change Your Facebook Name [Facebook Trick]

Sometimes you might want to change your Facebook name  just to try something new or maybe due to some other reasons (like changing last name after marriage, trying out a cool new nickname, etc). It is a very easy task. Just follow the steps mentioned below to change your Facebook display name. It’s very simple and you can also select your alternate name.

Log on to Facebook.

1.Once logged into Facebook, click the “Account” link in the top right corner of the page and click on “Account Settings” from the drop down menu.


2.Look for the “Name” section and click the “Change” link. Enter the new information then click on the Change Name button.


After setting the desired login name, click on the Save Changes button. You can also choose your alternate name to be included on your profile.

Remember that it can take Facebook Servers up to 24 hours to replicate changes. However, this process typically takes a matter of seconds.

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