How to Bypass Login Password in Windows 8

In the last three days, I have published several articles based on Windows 8 tips and tricks. Those articles got a good response from visitors. Every Windows 8 Release Preview user is happy with its speed and performance which is much better than existing popular operating system, Windows 7. Automatic login (entering Windows without any password) is a useful way to get your Windows 8 desktop instantly but I know that lots of Windows 8 users have no clue about how to enable this option in Windows 8. Earlier, I shared a post to enable automatic login into a password protected account and how to set limit of auto logins in Window 7. You can read that post from here.

In Windows 8, this process is similar to Windows 7 as Windows 8 is completely based on Windows 7 design and functionality. As a result, most of Windows 8 settings are similar to those of Windows 7. The trick that I am going to share with you today is very useful for people who are single users of their own computer. Please don’t use this trick if you are using a shared computer. To bypass login password entering process, first of all you need to open User Accounts settings window. To open User Accounts, start the Windows RUN box (Win + R) and enter the command: netplwiz. You can also search for this command in Windows 8 Start Search option. I think running Windows commands using RUN box is a much better and quicker option.


Netplwiz command will open User Accounts settings window. Now uncheck the box labeled User must enter a user name and password to use this computer setting and click on Apply. Once you click on the Apply button, Windows will ask you to enter the password for selected user. Enter the password that you already set for the selected user and want to set up for automatic login without entering the password again and again.


Now, the next time you do not need to enter your account password to login with your account. I hope it will save some more of your precious time.

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