How to Block YouTube Ads in Internet Explorer 10/11

Ads are the primary source of revenue for most of the online marketing companies including Google. You can see Google ads running on most of the websites which also includes its own online services like Gmail and YouTube. Last night I got an email from one of our subscribers asking how to block YouTube ads in Internet Explorer 11. I did a little search on the internet for any simple trick but there is no solution to block YouTube ads in Internet Explorer 11 without installing any third party extension.

Now as I usually watch YouTube videos in  Google Chrome (being my all time favorite browser), but sometime I even switch to Internet Explorer 11 also. There are also millions of users who are a big fan of YouTube and watching videos on a daily basis is kind of ritual for them. YouTube has made it mandatory to watch ads on the videos. So, by that process, any user will have to wait and watch the video for the pre-decided amount of time and then he/she will be granted to watch the video which they are seeking for

However, YouTube popups are one small option to skip the video but I personally don’t like it because it appears after some time and not before starting of the video. The best solution is to block the YouTube ads permanently in Internet Explorer using the popular extension called Adblock Plus. This is an ultimate solution that can block banners, pop-ups and video ads on YouTube videos and Facebook videos also. Apart from blocking annoying ads it protects your computer from harmful advertisements flash banners and other hidden script that works behind the ads. If you are usually using that for collecting the information by ads media then you don’t need to worry about this more because Adblock Plus you can easily disable all tracking, and browse the web in truly anonymous fashion. There are a huge number of websites which are infected by malware and they also infect your computer when you use any  popup ads and other similar activities. You can also configure the Adblock Plus to block domains known to spread malware, protecting your computer against viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spy- and adware.


You will get all the above mentioned features in Internet Explorer. I personally checked this extension and it is the best solution to block YouTube ads in Internet Explorer 11 as well 10 also.

How to Use Adblock Plus to Block YouTube Ads?

To use Adblock Plus in Internet Explorer 11 first of all you have downloaded the executable extension file in your computer. In Chrome it installs directly but in Internet Explorer you have to install it from the setup. Once you downloaded the setup, install it in your computer and you are ready to block YouTube ads.


Once you install it restart the Internet Explorer 11 or 10 and enable the Adblock Plus by clicking on Enable button.


Finally, your Internet Explorer is ready to block YouTube ads and you can access Adblock Plus option in the Internet Explorer status bar. To enable the Status bar right-click on IE title bar select Status bar option.


Download Adblock Plus

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