How to Access Startup Folder in Windows 8

Startup folder in Windows 8 plays a very important role because it helps Windows to start predefined applications with every Windows startup. We can also use the Startup folder in Windows to start any application or task automatically without manually launching them after Windows starts. Let’s say you need to work with Microsoft Word daily for work. Just place the program’s shortcut in the Startup folder of Windows and from next time onwards, Microsoft Office Word will start automatically each time you start the system. It is very convenient and you can increase your productivity too. A few months back, I had published an article on how to add any application to the Startup folder and here I will tell you about the process to open the Startup folder. The Startup folder has been a part of all Windows OS since Windows XP and it is available in Windows 8 as well. Windows 8 is gaining popularity fast so here I will explain all the steps to open the Startup folder for Windows 8. You can use these same steps to open Startup folder of Windows 7 too.

How to Open Windows 8 Startup Folder?

All users have their own Startup folder in Windows 8. So we have to complete the process within the user account.

C:\Users\<User Profile Folder Name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Look at the above path; it is the universal path to open Startup folder in Windows 8. You just need to replace <User Profile Folder Name> with your own username and enter the command in Windows Explorer address bar.



You can also manually open the Startup folder using the %AppData% command. Just open the RUN box and type in %AppData%. It will open your AppData\Roaming folder from where you can manually open Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Startup folder.


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