How to Show Extensions for Known File Types in Windows 8

People who have been using Windows operating system for a long time must have noticed that Windows always hides the extension of all file types. There is no big reason for hiding file extensions, it is only to prevent users from making file type unknown when they rename any file. File extensions are a way to indicate file type so that we get an idea about the programs associated with the file we are checking out. Thus, PDF files show .pdf extension, similarly mp3 files shows .mp3 extension. Executable programs have an .exe extension which shows that this program is built to be executed in Windows. By default, Windows hides file extensions to prevent users from any issues.

In many cases, the extension of a file helps us to identify the file type. If you want to edit the file extension it is very important that you first enable show extension for known file types in Windows settings. To make extensions visible for all available file types in Windows, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

1. First if all, open Windows Explorer. You can open any folder or My Computer to access Explorer options. In the Explorer, select View tab and then click on Options. In options menu, select Change folder and search options. (Click on the image below to preview it)


2. Once you click on Change folder and search options, it will open one new settings panel which lets you set folder related settings. Now click on the View tab once more and move down to Advanced settings panel. After unchecking the box labeled Hide extensions for known file types, click on the OK button to save your work.


That’s it! You have performed all the steps and now you will be able to see all the available files on your computer with the related extensions. As you can see in the image below, the file that is compressed using ZIP software is showing .zip extension and Microsoft Office Document file is showing .docx extension. Similarly, PDF file is showing .pdf extension.


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