How to Download Facebook Videos [Chrome Extension]

Facebook is the world’s top social media website and millions of users are using it every day. Millions of people upload photos and videos on their Facebook accounts. Downloading photos from any Facebook account is a very easy task – just right-click on any image and save it on the computer. But you can’t do the same with videos uploaded on Facebook. Facebook does not offer any option to download uploaded videos. However, we can use Chrome to download videos from Facebook. Google Chrome Extension is the only way to get extra features on your Chrome browser and this time we need a Chrome extension called FVD Video Downloader which allows you to download videos from Facebook and other media websites except YouTube. You can also use this plugin to download uploaded audio files from Facebook. It is not a YouTube video downloader, although it can download videos from any other web page. But I recommend it to download videos from Facebook only. It is very easy to operate this plugin – if there’s a downloadable video available on the page that you are viewing, the arrow button in your browser changes its color to blue.

The procedure for using it is quite simple. After installing this extension, play any video on your Facebook wall or page and click on the FVD icon from the Chrome toolbar. When you click on the FVD icon, you will see all the media file details along with downloadable links. Click on any of the media files that you want to download and save them on your computer. That’s all! It is very easy to use this fabulous plugin.


This extension supports the most of video formats for instance, SWF, FLV, MP4 and many other audio formats. After downloading any video file, you can convert it to any other format and use it as per your wish.

[Download FVD Video Downloader]

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