How to Add Email Account in Windows 8 is now more than one week old and I have already published a lot of articles and tutorials on this blog about Microsoft Outlook email service. I am trying to cover every part of the new service to familiarize its users with all its features and benefits. In this article, you will learn about how you can configure email account into Windows 8. As we know, Windows 8 comes with Metro Apps and has a built-in Email Client Metro App to read emails directly on Windows 8 without installing any third party email client software or online browser. It is extremely easy to configure your account with Windows 8 if you follow all the instructions given below step by step.

1. To configure your email account in Windows 8, go to Metro Wall and select People App. Before you configure or add, make sure you have configured your Microsoft account in Windows 8. If you have not configured your Microsoft account on Windows 8 system then you can directly enter your email address and password into the Metro Mail app and your account will be configured automatically. Otherwise, go on to step 2 and follow the rest of the instructions.

2. In People App, click on the small blue color ‘M’ icon then on the Add an account option.

3. Now select the Hotmail option to connect your new account with Windows 8.

4. Finally, enter your email address and password and then click on the Connect button.

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