Get Windows 8 Ribbon Based Explorer in Windows 7 with Better Explorer

Did you ever want to bring the Windows 8 explorer ribbon bar in Windows 7 too? If your answer is yes then Better Explorer application is designed specially for you. Ribbon based explorer became popular when it was first introduced with Microsoft Office 2007 because it is more easy to use and understandable than the normal menu bar option. Microsoft recognized the potential of the ribbon interface feature in Windows so they added it in Windows 8. I like Windows 8 ribbon based explorer bar because it is very easy to use and we can navigate all the options in just one click. All options are well categorized using tabs in the ribbon explorer.

At present, we don’t have the final version of Windows 8 in hand and Windows 8 is still available only for testing version. But the testing version gives us the future picture of Microsoft Windows 8 final version and Ribbon based explorer is a part of it. Bringing new operating system features to old operating system has always been popular. There are lots of customization tools and transformation packs to get any latest operating system features in an old one.

Today, I am reviewing one more freeware application which is able to bring Windows 8 ribbon explorer bar in your existing Windows 7 (it does not work properly in XP or any older version). It is a good replacement for the normal explorer bar in Windows 7. Once you install this utility on Windows 7, you will get similar features as of Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon. With Better Explorer, you don’t have to open separate windows for different tasks because now you can manage everything in the same place via tabs.


Better Explorer Features

As I told you earlier in this post, Better Explorer is exactly like Windows 8 Ribbon Explorer. But in case you don’t have Windows 8 and are not familiar with Windows 8 Ribbon Explorer, I am reviewing some of the best features of this freeware program here.

The application is divided in total three tabs and other related tabs. The main tabs are Home, Share and View. In the Home tab, you can do all the basic operations like in normal Windows such as copy, paste, cut, copy to, copy path, delete, open, edit history, select all, select none, invert selection and so on. All these options are very helpful because you get to use them without entering keyboard shortcuts or right-clicking the mouse. These options help you to increase your productivity on the computer.

The next tab, Share can be used to manage sharing related tasks. All these sharing features are similar to file/folder properties sharing tab. The only difference is that all these are now available in the explorer bar without the need to right-click on any file or folder.

The View tab helps you to set view type of available files and folders in explorer such as list view, detail view and so on.

Some other tabs like Drive and Manage are also available for special purposes only. When you click on any Drive, Better Explorer automatically shows you the Drive tab with all the drive related operations like formatting, cleaning and optimization. Manage tab helps you to Manage libraries, Change library icon, Optimize library or Reset to default. Once again, this is easy to use as well.

[Download Better Explorer]

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