Get Back Classic Start Button in Windows 8

Microsoft has added a new Modern UI in Windows 8 and this new look has a huge fan base but there are a fair number of users who miss the classic Start Menu. We know that Microsoft has replaced the Start Menu with Start Screen but we can’t deny the fact that Start Menu is more useful and easy to use as compared with Start Screen. In this blog, we covered many freeware and paid applications to get the Start Menu back and in today’s post, I am going to review one more application called Start. Start for Windows 8 brings back the classic Start Button while preserving the modern Start Screen. It is not an advanced menu like Start8 but we can use it to access all the basic features of Windows like Power options, Control Panel, System Information, Computer Manager, Task Managers, Command Prompt and many others. It is quite simple to use and supports different button icons for the Start Orb button. It is a lightweight utility which consumes no memory and CPU while not in use according to developer. We can use it just like pinned applications and launch it quickly whenever we click on its launching icon from the Taskbar. Start has three different launch modes that provide different Start Menu views. You can use this option to change the launch behavior like when users click on the Start Launch button it will be able to open Full Start Menu, Application Search Menu or Start Menu Groups. These can all be configured easily on the Start Configuration window.

As I told you in the beginning, you can change the launch button icons in different styles. It can be easily changed on the Configuration windows of Start. You can use any ICO format file or browse any DLL or EXE file that contains icons and select the icon that is suitable for you. Start is a freeware application and works on Windows 8, both 32bit and 64-bit versions.

[Download Start]

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