Get Back Aero Glass in Windows 8 with WinAeroGlass

Windows 8 was released with lots of new features and improvements as compared to all its previous versions including Windows 7. While on one hand several new features were added, Microsoft also removed certain Windows 7 features like Start Menu and Aero Glass transparency. Aero Glass Transparency was a popular feature in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Microsoft has removed aero glass effect completely from Windows 8 and now there is no option available to enable it. The most probable reason behind this move of removing aero glass transparency is that Microsoft wanted to improve stability and performance in Windows 8. However, it doesn’t seem fair especially to users who would still like to use this feature regardless of its effects.

As always, you will find many tricks and tweaks to get the Win Aero feature back but most of these tricks are not stable and have lots of complicated steps. A better option would be to use a small application called WinAeroGlass which can enable Win Aero feature in Windows 8 with one click. WinAeroGlass is not a GUI tool and does not have any options to be configured; it is a simple executable file that you need to double click so that Aero Glass is automatically applied to Windows 8 without any need to restart your system.

As you can see in the screenshot below, after using this application, all the windows on my system are now transparent. A slight snag in this otherwise smooth transition is that you can’t control the transparency level. You will find that the titles of windows do not have clear transparency. But this is just the beta version and the developer will publish a better application shortly. Hopefully the next version will have better control on Win Aero Transparency.


As I explained above, this application does not have any GUI control so you can’t exit it in the normal way. To exit this application and get windows without Win Aero Transparency, you can either log off and then login again or you can end the process from Task Manager.

[Download WinAeroGlass]

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