ForgetBox: Send Larger Files Using Gmail

Gmail is the most popular email service provider all over the world because it supports lots of features that are not available with other email service providers. Along with a host of awesome features it has one limitation too and that is you can send and receive messages up to 25 megabytes (MB) in size and sometimes this creates a problem for many Gmail users. Attachment is a very useful option on any email service as it helps to send files and documents to other email addresses securely without uploading and sending via another service. But to my knowledge, most of the email service providers do not offer to send large size file using their services.

Fortunately, we have one another option to send large files over the internet using the Gmail ID itself. ForgetBox is a popular way to securely send large files over the internet without worrying about any file size limit. We can say that it is Gmail tool which allows you to send large size files as Gmail attachments. ForgetBox is an easy-to-use Windows software and works with any Gmail account so you can send any file directly from your desktop.

How to install and use ForgetBox?

To send large attachments, first of all, download this tool (download link available at the bottom of this post). After downloading, install this tool on Windows and decide which files you want to send using this freeware tool. Once you decide, right click on the items that you want to send as Gmail attachments and there is no size limit for any item. You can choose all types of files including txt, doc, PDF and exe files. After right-clicking on the selected items, go to Send to option and choose ForgetBox from the popup menu.


ForgetBox displays your contacts from Facebook, Gmail and Outlook. Also, you can directly use e-mail addresses like xyz123[at] (replace [at] with @). Finally, your recipient will receive an e-mail with a link to download your file. I didn’t find any file size limitation on its website and software but I think its supports sufficient file size limit. Now, the next time you can send all types of file to your friends without worrying about attachments limitation in Gmail.

[Download ForgetBox]

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