FixBee: An Ultimate Tool to Scan and Fix Common Windows Problems

Windows cannot be stable all the time. It encounters issues and problems and Microsoft offers only small level fixing tools. There is no tool available from Microsoft to scan the whole system and repair all its critical issues. It is true that Windows Reset and Windows Refresh options are now available in Windows 8 but both are very time consuming processes and both of these features are not available in all previous versions of Windows. Hence we can’t scan and fix Windows errors without installation of a third party tool. When you start searching for any repairing tool for Windows on the internet, you will get a large number of applications which claim that they can solve all the issues. Some of the best repairing tools are available as paid versions but a majority of Windows users don’t like to pay for repairing tools. So I have one freeware application named FixBee which lets you solve most of the common issues with one click.

FixBee is a really simple tool and comes with an easy to follow process. When you start the application, you will see a welcome screen with one big button Start Scan Now. Press the Start Scan Now button and sit back for some time. After completion of scanning, it will show the results about your Windows problems and issues.


Actually, FixBee has two tools – the first tool, Optimization is used to analyze the system hard drives and optimize them while the second is the cleaning tool which allows you to search and clean all the junk files from the system. When we have been using any computer for a long time, the hard drive becomes littered with lots of junk files and other unwanted contents. FixBee sorts through this data and not only organizes it neatly but also deletes leftover and useless files. Automated maintenance feature is also available with FixBee. You don’t even have to worry about remembering to defragment your computer.

FixBee can be very important for Windows users to free the system from all types of unnecessary files and duplicates. There is only one downside of this application and that is it comes with a Searchqu Toolbar which I think is useless just like other toolbars. But you can uncheck the toolbar installation option during installation process.

[Download FixBee]

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