Fix It Center Pro by Microsoft to Solve Windows Issues [Learn How to Use]

Finally, Microsoft has released their own repairing tool for Windows operating systems and other Microsoft products. Fix It Center Pro is a repairing tool, now available on the Microsoft website that can solve most of the issues in Windows without needing a third party utility. It can scan your system to find out any problems and then resolve them by using targeted Analysis.

To use this application, you must have a Live email ID to login with. Once you login with your email id on this tool, it will ask you to set your preferences like language, Region of Microsoft request and message settings. There are many options like Guided Search, Wok Items, Support Request and Analysis to solve your Windows issues.

Guided Search – It is an all-in-one solution to all your Windows related issues. In order to use this, first of all, you need to choose your Program from the list containing Windows, Office Products, Microsoft SQL Server and many more. Once you click on the Program from the list, it will give you some further options. For example, I have selected Windows from the Program list and now I have to choose the operating system (Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista). I clicked on Windows 7. Once I complete all the steps, it gives me topics related to program I selected from the list.

Once you select a topic from the available topics, Fix It Center Pro offers you the best solution for your problem.


Work Items – You can track the progress of the resolution of your problems and issues. To use this feature, click on the New button and explain your problem in detail. If you are not able to solve this problem, click on the Escalate button to send a support request regarding your problem.

Support Request – In this section, you can create a new support request and get a ticket from Microsoft Support to solve your problems related to Windows or other Microsoft products. To create a support request, click on the New button and choose the product and problem from the available list.


Fix It Center Pro works as an online guide to resolve most of Windows issues and provides an instant solution to your problems if the solution already exists in Microsoft support. You need to learn to use this online tool to quickly solve most of your issues in Windows and other Microsoft related products.

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