Enhance Your Music Experience with Top Music Equalizer Apps for Android

Both my tablet as well as my smartphone use Android OS. I have updated it with the latest ICS 4.0 version but haven’t come across any special changes in its volume settings. As with its previous versions, Android users can still only increase and decrease the volume with no additional controls for changing sound quality or pitch because Google doesn’t have any built-in app to do this. Hence, the only option left is to change the audio and video sound via Android Apps. There is a large number of player apps available on Google Play equipped with music equalizer to enhance your music experience without any extra hardware or accessories. I did some research on these types of Google Play apps and am glad to report that I have collected some good Apps that can change/add sound effects to your music and improve your music experience. Most of the apps are free while some have paid versions to get rid of advertisements.

1. Music Volume EQ

This list of the best equalizer apps will be incomplete without it because it is the most popular music equalizer app on Google Play. Music Volume EQ is a volume slider with live music stereo led VU meter and five band Equalizer with Bass Boost and Virtualizer effects. It improves the overall sound quality of your smartphone. No matter which player or music app you are running, it works smoothly on your device and you can use it at any time with any type of player. Features include volume control, 5 band equalizer, bass boost effect, 9 equalizer preset and many other sound effects to rock your music life. You can also use its homescreen widget on your smartphone homescreen to enable it whenever you want.

As of now, this app doesn’t have a paid version of this app so you will have to use this app with small ads banners.

best-music-equalizer-android-apps-1[Install Music Volume EQ]

2. Equalizer

Equalizer is the second most popular app for Android with more advanced features and options as compared with Music Volume EQ. I put Music Volume EQ first because it is a very simple and does not have any settings control panel and is ideal for hassle free use. On the other hand, Equalizer comes with a full size control panel where you can change and modify your music quality to an extreme level. Equalizer lets you adjust sound effect levels so that you get the best out of your Music or any Audio coming out of your phone. You can also apply Equalizer Presets based on Music Genre, or quickly create your own custom preset with the 5 band Equalizer controller. Additional Audio Effects include Bass Booster, Virtualizer and Reverb Presets. It comes several music effects including 11 stock presets, 5 band equalizer, bass booster and 4×1 and 2×1 Equalizer widgets.

Equalizer is a free app but has some locked features which can be enabled via paid version.


[Install Equalizer]

3. n7player Music Player

This is not a mere equalizer app but can also be used to play music and video files with awesome sound effects. n7player Music Player is Android app that you can play most of audio and video formats. N7 is a slick, stylish and feature-rich music player for Android and is a good alternative for Android’s default player. You can use this app to get environmental effects, bass boost and sound virtualization technology (SRS/Dolby Surround). This app is useful to enable sound effects on your music but you have to play your music file with this player – it will not work separately just as an equalizer.

best-music-equalizer-android-apps-3 best-music-equalizer-android-apps-4

[Install n7player]

4. Equalizer FX (Free)

If you are looking for an exceedingly simple app with a good sound effects equalizer then Equalizer FX Free is the app for you. The application Equalizer FX allows you to improve sound on your android device. By using this app, you will be able to control audio settings and effects on your device. It has an audio filter to change the frequency envelope of the sound and bass boost to boost low frequencies of the sound. Users can add sound effects with 12 built-in presets or create their own preset too. The application works with players and audio streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, etc. In the free version, you have to deal with ads but they can be disabled in the paid version.


[Install Equalizer FX Free]

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