Email Your Chrome Open Tabs to Your Friends via Email [Chrome Extension]

Earlier, I shared a post on how to create and switch new bookmark bars on the Google Chrome browser to access your favorite websites quickly. I got a good response on that post and today, again, I am going to share a new extension which will help you do more than create bookmark bars. Save and Email My Tabs Chrome Extension is a nifty option to save your open tabs and email them to your friends. There are lots of reasons why you would want to send your tabs to your friends. For instance, you and your friend are interested in the same topics on the internet, you find some good websites related to those topics and now you want to share the same tab with your friends too. Manually copy pasting the URLs is not a good idea as it is time consuming as well as tedious and you need to open your email account as well to send your tabs to others. This extension has one more use – you can email all the tabs to your own email address so you can use them in the future. This can be very useful if you are handling a large number of websites.

By using this extension, you can send a bunch of open tabs with just one click. To be able to use Save and Email My Tabs on Chrome, first of all, download it from here. It is a small sized extension so it will take only a few seconds for installation. Once installation is complete, you will see a new pin icon has appeared on the Chrome toolbar. Now you do not have to do anything special but press this new icon and enter the email address to which you want to send all your open tabs (like you friend’s email address). You can also choose an option to assign any name/subject to your email. Finally, press the Send button and you are done.


After pressing the Send button, this extension will show one more popup to confirm that your email has been successfully sent. If you or your friend do not find any email in the inbox, please check the spam folder too since emails with links are directed to the spam folder sometimes.


The email address that you have sent the information to will get an email which contains a single link. To access all the tabs that were sent by your Chrome browser, they need to open the given link. This will work even if friends have not installed the same extension on their browser as the recipient can open all of your open tabs on any browser. Once the recipient clicks on the received link, a new tab will open with a Restore button. They can access all your open tabs that you have mailed by clicking on the Restore button. This will open all the links on the browser automatically.


Save and Email My Tabs has no limitation to the number of tabs that can be sent. So you can send a large number of your Chrome open tabs. Although, in my opinion, if you send many tabs at once there is a possibility that if your friend has a slow internet connection, the browser will take a long time to open all the tabs. To avoid such type of situations, try to send only a few important tabs at a single time.

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