Drag-&-Drop Files to Another Computer With FileDrop (Windows,Mac)

I have two computers in two different rooms of my house. I know that there is nothing new in this for you guys out there but the main issue lies with sending files over to another computer without the use of a USB Pen Drive or any other file transfer media. I know that this is also not a big deal, because you have plenty of options available these days to send files over the internet to any computer using online cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive to name a few. All the cloud based services require a username and password with you having to follow a predefined process to share any files or media with another computer.

I know another easy and quick solution called FileDrop that will make this process simpler as compared to online file sharing option. FileDrop is not an online service. It is software which is available for Windows and Mac OS. It works offline without any internet connection and depends on IP or Wi-Fi that you are using to connect both computers at the same time. Once you install this application on your computer, it searches for the same FileDrop client on another computer that via same IP address or Wi-Fi connection. It uses Wi-Fi connection or direct connection to send your files so it does not take much time to transfer files to another computer which is faster and reliable compared to online file sharing.


How to Use DropFile?

File sharing process using DropFile is easy and time saving. To send file to another computer which is using same IP address or Wi-Fi, drag and drop the file into the FileDrop window. Once you drag and drop the file, on the drop window in the computer where you have installed same software will get notification of the new file. Just accept the notification and the shared file will be transferred instantly on your computer. There is absolutely no file sharing limit and time limit to share files using DropFile application. Initially the computer might take some time to detect the application over the same network so be patient and wait for the notification to appear on screen.


This is the first time that I have seen an application like this because until now, I was using simple shared folders and location to send files over to other shared computers. You should also try DropFile if you want to save your precious time and efforts. It also saves your internet bandwidth because it does not use your internet connection for connecting to other computers. But you have to be careful as both your systems are connected via same network like Wi-Fi so switch to it or else this application will not work for you.

[Download DropFile] [Windows,Mac]

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