Download Windows 8 Skin Pack for Windows XP

Still using Windows XP but want to enjoy then new Windows 8 theme, ribbon bar and Metro UI then this post only for you. Windows 7 and Windows 8 needs latest hardware version for best performance but lots of people still using Microsoft most popular OS XP. Windows 7 and 8 gives us more advanced graphics and quality look than all other old Microsoft OS. But if your computer has old type hardware configuration then Windows XP is much better than other OS to performance reason. But we can customize Windows XP and easy to change its look and design like Windows 7 and 8. Today I am covering one skin pack that is based on Windows 8. It can transfer your current Windows XP OS in Windows 8 Developer Preview.

Once you install this skin pack on your Windows XP you will get all Windows 8 DP styles like Login screen, icons, Metro UI, start menu, ribbon UI, boot logo, buttons and wallpapers. It will definitely give you fresh and attractive look to your boring Windows XP. To take effect you need to restart your system after installation of application.

It is a known fact that computer backup is very important before going to change system files using any transformation pack. So I suggest you please backup your all important data and protect yourself from any accidental data loss. You can also use Windows restore feature to make one restore point of your computer before start application installation.


Windows 8 skin pack support both 32 and 64 bit Windows XP version.

[Download 8 Skin Pack for XP]

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