Download Quick Heal 2013 Offline Installer with Windows 8 Support [Direct Link]

Quick Heal antivirus is a popular program over the internet to protect computer from viruses and other online threats. I’ve used it for two years and I never faced any security related issues but I had to leave it because it was not supported by Windows 8. But now Quick Heal has released its updated version, Quick Heal 2013, which has a number of new features along with Windows 8 Support. It is well known that Microsoft will release their most awaited Windows version Windows 8 and most antivirus manufacturing companies except for Quick Heal had developed antivirus programs for Windows 8. Finally though it is now possible to use Quick Heal antivirus on Windows 8 and users will get some powerful features that are I am going to review below.


New features in Quick Heal 2013 version:

As we know, Quick Heal is the most popular antivirus program and now it supports Windows 8. Quick Heal developers have upgraded it for Windows 8 and added some terrific new features as well.

1. Web Browser Sandbox

Quick Heal 2013 is now available with web browser sandbox feature. Sandbox is a very important feature and is already available with other popular antivirus programs. It isolates threats as and when they arise and blocks them from reaching the entire system. The new sandbox feature in Quick Heal works with all types of browsers and ensures that browser-exploiting threats are unable to harm your computer. It will also ensure the protection from malware attacks and tricky keyloggers.

2. Reduced Virus Database Size

Antivirus database size has always been a major issue for antivirus developers and this time Quick Heal has tried to reduce its virus database size in Quick Heal 2013. A reduced virus database size means, now Quick Heal requires lesser disk space and lesser memory for the on-demand scanner and faster speed of installation on the system.

3. Windows 8 Ready

Quick Heal 2013 is ready to install on Windows 8 and Quick Heal developers have successfully tested it on the latest RTM build released by Microsoft.

4. Web Security and Parental Control. Supports HTTPS Site Blocking

5. USB Drive Authentication Support


Offline Installer Link for Quick Heal 2013:

Offline Installer Quick Heal Antivirus Pro 201332 Bit | 64 bit

Offline Installer Quick Heal Internet Security 2013 32 Bit | 64 bit

Offline Installer Quick Heal Total Security 2013 32 Bit | 64 bit

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