Download Photos and Albums from Google Plus – Easy Steps

I had written about uploading images and photos on Google Plus using step by step way. But it is not important that we always uploads photos and images on Google Plus, some time we need to download photo/images from Google Plus account too. Generally, we can download any image using right click on image you want to download. This options pretty works well for single or few images but not for whole albums or large numbers of photos. If you are using normal way for download images from Google Plus then you have no idea how much time it will take and right click on images one by one for download might be frustrating you. Fortunately, Google gives us very attractive option to download all of our data from Google Account. Google provides one service with name of Data Liberation. Using this Data Liberation we can download all our available data from Google account like Profile Data, Stream Data, Buzz Data, Circles and Contact Data on computer for backup or any other use. We can use same Data Liberation to download photos from Google Plus. Everyone knows that Google Plus using Picasa Web to store all our uploaded images and photos on Google Plus and other Google service. So you will get option for download your Picasa Web albums in Google Liberation. It means when you select Picasa albums for downloading it means you are download your Google Plus albums too on computer. Well known that Google Security is very tight on all types of Google service so it might be possible that Google will ask you for your account password two or more time. Here some steps that you can use to download all your favorite albums and photos from Google Plus account. One more thing I want to share with you that Google will ship your all your data in compressed zip files format so you need to extract it to access all your data.

Steps for download photos from Google Plus account:

1. Login with your Google Plus account.

2. Now Go to Google Plus setting using Gear icon on top right side corner.


3. You can see one “Data Liberation” option on left side panel of Google Plus settings page. Click on “Data Liberation” and then choose “Download your Picasa Albums photos” option.


4. In next page click on “Choose services” option. But if you want to download whole Google data then you can select “CREATE ARCHIVE” option at end of page but here we need only photos so click on “Choose services” option  so that we manually select our archive.


5. After that Choose “Picasa Web Albums” and click on “CREATE ARCHIVE” button.


6. Finally you archive will create after short process for download it on your system click on Download button.

download-photos-from-google-plus-account-5Finally you have your photos albums collections but in zip format, use any good program to extract it like WinZip and WinRaR. You can also use open source program 7-Zip also.

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