How To Download An Entire Website For Offline Use?

You all have probably downloaded images or individual web pages from any website. The process is very simple, hit the right button on your mouse and click on “Save as” and you are done! But, what if you will have to download an entire website? Yes, I am talking about the entire website, including every single web pages.


You may ask – Why “you” or “we” want to do that? Well, there may be many reasons, like unavailability of Internet connection, for saving your bandwidth every time, or any other. So, doesn’t it make sense to save or to download an entire website for example Wikipedia on your local drive for easy and offline navigation – no?

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How to Download an Entire Website?

Downloading an entire website can be a hardcore option for the heavy sites like Wikipedia, which can take up to several days and some major part of your hard drive to get stored. However, if you want to have an offline version of something simple, then downloading an entire website will be the best bet.

And for this purpose, HTTrack works like a champ for copying the entire website. Not only this, this tool can be helpful in actively copying all the pieces needed to make a website.



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However, this open source software could be little tricky to use at first, especially if you are not a windows user. But, if you are looking to download an entire website, this tool named as HTTrack is the best tool in accomplishing the task. You can download an entire website and can use on offline mode, thereby saving some hefty bucks by not loosing more bandwidth and also saving your time.

HTTrack is available for all versions of Windows, Linux and even for Android. So, download HTTrack and … Happy Hunting!

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