Disable Require Password When Wake Up in Windows 8

Like its older versions, Windows 8 supports the Sleep feature and goes into sleep mode automatically after some time if left idle by the user. To wake up from sleep, you have to move your mouse or press any key from the keyboard and enter the correct password to log back in Windows 8 each time. Entering the password each time after waking up from sleep mode might seem tiresome to many Windows 8 users. The good news is that Windows 8 offers control over the wakeup password requirement and you can disable the ‘require a password on wakeup’ option to avoid entering the password every time you want to login into Windows 8 after waking from sleep mode.

This is a very simple process and you can easily configure it on your Windows 8 system. To override the feature wherein a password is required each time Windows 8 wakes, first of all, you need to go to Power Options in the Control Panel. You can also access the Power Options by searching the keyword ‘power’ in the Charms Bar Settings Search (Win + W) and clicking on Power Options from the subsequent results.


Now click on the Require a password on wakeup option from the left panel.


When you click on Require a password in the last step, power options will open one more window from where you can disable this option. By default, Windows 8 does not allow you to configure these settings directly and you have to click on the Change settings that are currently unavailable option to enable Password protection on wakeup settings.


In the last step, click on the Don’t require a password under Password protection on wakeup option to disable password requirement on wakeup.


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