Disable Metro Features in Windows 8 with MetroController

After our review on Windows 8, we got idea that to post about what’s new in Windows 8 and what we can expect to get in Windows 8 final release. Metro feature is a most popular feature in Windows 8 but, unfortunately Windows 8 developer version does not support any option to disable it and bring back Windows 7 look in Windows 8.

We can use some manual registry hacks or manual DLL renaming to get back  the same Windows 7 start look in Windows 8 but it is very long and tedious process for non-technical users. But, one more relevant tool is available for disabling Windows 8 Metro style in one click. MetroController is freeware utility for controlling the Windows 8 metro style.

MetroController allows us to disable some or in fact, all Metro features in Windows 8. The program provides two ways to disconnect: the full shutdown of all innovations, including the ribbon bar in Windows Explorer, and only Metro features. It is really good option because it is possible that  the users might disable only the Metro UI and would like to have the explorer Ribbon bar alone.


This small application is very easy to use but, you need to restart your system for  the application to take effects. After disabling only Metro features, you can see same preview on your Windows 8 like below screenshot. You can see that old Windows 7 look with  Ribbon UI in Windows 8 easily.


To disable all features like Ribbon Explorer, Lock Screen and Metro Start Screen, click the “Disable all new features” option and restart your system. If you are experienced then you can end explorer process or Log Off your Windows 8 system to get new effects immediately without restarting your system.


[Download Metro Controller]

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