Disable Auto Login and Get Back User List in Windows 8 with User List Enabler

I am working on Windows 8 since the last few months and noticed that Microsoft has done lots of modifications in this newer version of Windows. You must have noted that Windows 8 can automatically login with the last account session again after the system is rebooted or forced shutdown and startup. This is not a big issue for personal desktops and laptops but this can be a serious issue where shared computers are concerned. This can cause severe problems as anybody logging into your account after previous shutdown can change any of your personal settings or access your private data. There is no option available under the Windows Control Panel or anywhere else in Windows 8 that allows you to disable automatic logging in of users in case of multiple users using a single system.

One of my friends from WinAero has developed a nice tool that can disable automatic login function in Windows 8. This tool can disable auto sign in for users that were recently logged in on the system and show a list of available users. It means that once you install and use this tool on your Windows 8 based system, it will automatically stop signing in without your consent and show the available users from which you can click on the user account you want to use. A similar process can be executed using a small registry hack but it is unsafe for users as users are usually not familiar with the system registry processes. They might even end up with wrong values which can cause the system to malfunction and behave strangely.


How to Use User List Enabler?

The working process of User List Enabler is easy and straightforward. The application can start without any installation. Just click on the ‘Enable user list option’. Once you click on the ‘Enable user list option’, just sit back and relax because now your computer Windows 8 will not login automatically with the recently used user account. Now the next time you log in, you will be able to see the available user list and then you can choose the user of your choice to start working with the user account you prefer. You can also revert back the old settings of automatic sign-in by clicking on the ‘Reset to defaults’ button on the same tool.

User List Enabler is a very safe application as it does not change any system registry values, modify system files and does not break Run as a different user. This tool works only with Windows 8 built-in tools and hidden settings.

[Download User List Enabler]

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