DailyMotion Official App Available for Download on Windows 8 Apps Store

Earlier, I have shared a freeware unofficial Windows 8 App, YouTube 8, to search and view YouTube videos in Windows 8. And now, DailyMotion has released their official app for Windows 8. DailyMotion is the second largest online video streaming website where millions of people all over the world upload and watch videos online. So this is really great news for all fans of DailyMotion who use Windows 8 that now they can access their favorite website directly on Windows 8 without manually searching and watching videos on the browser.


When I started the DailyMotion app after installation, I got all the latest videos in full categorized mode. You can choose your favorite category and view all the videos from the chosen category. The available categories are Featured, Music, Funny, Film & TV, News and Others, where Others category is divided in some more sub-categories. You can select any category to view the related videos. Once you select the video category, you can filter the category by Most Recent, Most View and Most Rated videos to get best results. A Search bar is also available at the top of the DailyMotion app to search for your favorite video if it is not available in the category videos.


There are some more pretty nifty features available in the video watching area like for instance, you can view the video in the full screen or revert back to normal mode any time. In the same video watching area, users can check the related videos in the right side panel to continue watching videos without the trouble of manual searching. Volume control option allows you to control the sound of any video that you are watching. To go back to the home screen, you can tap on the arrow key which is available at the top right corner of the screen.

Windows 8 App DailyMotion works on x86, x64 and ARM processors, so you can also use this app on Windows 8 Tablets which run on ARM processor.

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